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Over all

I like the way the pigeon walks.

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My song so

5/5 10/10 haha

and hey your first flash. much better than i could do!

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You asked for it.

I'll review as I listen.

I like the snare you added and I'm not sure if the bass kick was as present in the last one but I like it.

Interlude at 1:45 sets up the song. I really enjoyed that.

Props for not using the typical "uhn tiss uhn tiss" beat that you hear on 99.9% of the songs around here. I like the slide guitar that comes in later very nice.

So do you use virtual instrument settings or do you make your own synths? Also i'm curious to how you write your melodies are they done on a keyboard or otherwise?

Hmm well ok i'll throw a proposition out there. Maybe you can listen to a couple of my songs and see if you want to do a collab project sometime.

Bottom line i'll reiterate, chill. I love it dude still 10/10 5/5.


If you wanted a review

It is a loop so its kind of hard to review. But here it goes

Drums are nice I like the subtlety of the hi hats that's the kind of things I notice.

The melody is nice. But the pad is almost non existent bring it out about or not really its up to you.

um if I had to take something away it would have to be the fact that its a loop and I hope you plan on making this into a song because you should.

So there it is. 8/10 4/5

Merry Christmas =]

PlayTheGame responds:

lol thx MERRY XMAS

Alright here we go

Imma comment as I listen.

That trance gate is so popular now a days, but honestly you make it work.

+ 159 points because of that 10 seconds of piano.

I like transition with the lo-pass at about 1:50 very nice at bringing the song down then back up. Adding the "Rising" in Rising Waves.

Like the big drum hits good job varying it up.

Ok there's the guitar I read about. I thought it was piano before so turn that thing up! Its good dont let that trance bass drown it out. (granted im not listening through my good speakers now)

+ Another 134 points for the key change. Rare. So obviously you know some theory which is a powerful tool to have on your proverbial music belt.

All in all solid was gonna be a 4/5 but i'll give you the 5 because of the keychain.

Good job. I rarely rarely give out 5's.

DJ-Babokon responds:

To be honest, I haven't studied any musical instrument or music theory, I'm just using my ear. I appreciate your 5 to the highest extent because you critiqued this song very well. Thank you.

Hi there my name is Jordan. I love making music in my spare time and if you have any interest in checking it out you've come to the right place! I greatly value and respect other peoples opinions so if need be let me have it! Well happy listening NG :D

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